At outlaw paintball we have four great fields in the Austin area for you to play on as well as two covered staging areas to give you a break from the Texas sun and weather.  You can also buy snacks and drinks at the staging areas.  Not sure of what to buy for your friend or a family member, well we have you covered, you can give them a gift certificate.



Hold the fort against the invaders or go on the offense and take the fort at all costs. Strategy is the key to winning on this field. Whether attacking or defending, you will get an adrenaline rush you will never forget. This field is designed for large groups of players. Designed to have a team of 5 to 7 people defending, while the rest attack the fort.



The name says it all. This is a very fast moving game field with very little cover. Situation awareness and speed will help you survive. Hyperball is a tournament-styled field, allowing for fast-paced action. The bunkers are made of black-tubing and provide cover from the other team. This game can be played as either a Capture the Flag type game or basic elimination. A basic elimination game is a game in which the group is split in to even teams and battle it out until one team is eliminated. The players on this field will need quick reflexes and great teamwork.



A smaller field with more cover, this is a good field for beginners. Stay low and shoot straight!



Our field full of inflatables is spread over a massive area with lots of huge cover to hide behind. Great for large groups. Feel your heart pound as you hide behind bunkers inflated with air for cover, while returning fire on the opposing team. Call ahead if you want to play on this field as it is not always set up during normal business hours.