Is Paintball Safe For My Kids?


According to a report by the National Injury Information Clearinghouse of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in Washington DC, in the number of estimated injuries per 1,000 participants, paintball had the LEAST NUMBER OF INJURIES of all the listed sports. The number of injuries for paintball is far less than bowling, tennis, archery, basketball, and many other sports. Click here for more of the report.

Outlaw Paintball strictly enforces our field rules to ensure the safest possible environment for all of our guests. There are always slight risks involved with any physical activity, but the benefits greatly outweigh them.

Paintball is a fantastic way to develop many important skills for children and offers other benefits that help children become active and happy adults.

    • Exercise
    • Playing Outside
    • Cooperative Team Building
    • Healthy Competition
    • Hand/Eye Coordination
    • Good Sportsmanship
    • Personal Responsibility
    • Respect for Authority
    • Physical Toughness

Even though we do our best to help your children have a great experience, accidents can occasionally happen. Therefore we require all participants to submit a release form before being allowed to play. You can view and download one here to fill out, sign, and bring with you when you or your child plays.

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