How do I play Safe?

Follow a few common sense practices!

  • Do not fire your marker anywhere except on the field during the game or in the designated chronograph area/shooting range.
  • Inspect the lens of your goggles for cracks or signs of weakness.
  • Make sure your mask is well seated and will not come off during the game.
  • Make sure the velocity of your marker is below 300 feet per second with the supplied chronograph.
  • Always assume the marker is loaded; even if you know otherwise.
  • Always assume safety devices won't work.
  • Unload the marker when not in use.
  • Anytime you are carrying a marker in a 'safe zone'¬†where people are not wearing goggles, you MUST point the marker downward.
  • NEVER remove face-masks or goggles while on the field.
  • Do not play when very tired or hungry. Most injuries occur at the end of the day when players are exhausted.
  • NEVER look down the barrel. Not even with protection. If barrel needs checking remove from the marker and check. If the barrel cannot be removed, disconnect all CO2/CA equipment, test fire the marker downrange until no more gas is left in the marker, clear the breech or ball loading area, and then, carefully and while wearing goggles, glance down the barrel.
  • Notify the field owner or manager of any medical conditions, allergies etc.
  • Know the rules of the game and abide by them!
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